Working capital

It's easy to apply for credit online. Fill in an application for an operating loan and get a loan decision in minutes.

  • Complete the loan application in 1 minute
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A consumer credit, or operating loan, is, as its name suggests, a credit for consumption. In practice, an operating loan is unsecured loan.

Today, it's really easy to apply for an operating loan directly online and without any collateral or guarantors, meaning you don't need to put up any real or personal guarantee for your loan.

All you need to do to get a working capital loan is fill in an online loan application and submit the necessary documents to the lender, and the loan money can be paid into your account within 24 hours.

What is an operating return?

An overdraft is basically a kind of limit that you can use to withdraw money from your account when you need it.

With a revolving credit facility, you can easily withdraw money from your account without having to reapply when you need it.

The advantage of credit is that it is easy to use - you can withdraw money whenever you need it, as long as you still have some credit left.

It pays to put your consumer credit out to tender - keep these things in mind

Unsecured overdrafts are a flexible loan service, but there are some risks involved. Indeed, many loans may involve unexpected additional costs that you may not have thought about at the time you take out the loan.

It is therefore always worth comparing and competing for credit before a loan offer adoption. Interest rates vary between different loans, and a higher rate can be surprisingly expensive in the long run.

So always choose the most suitable overdraft for your needs, with a low annual percentage rate of charge.

Multiple offers with one application

Fill in just one application and you can get loan offers from several different financial institutions.

It usually only takes minutes to complete the application, and you can often withdraw money quickly - even on the same day.

Interest costs can become very high if you don't remember to compete carefully for loan offers.

Take into account the duration of the loan and the annual percentage rate of charge

It's worth bearing in mind that the loan must always be repaid in full, with interest and charges, so before you apply for a loan, you should make sure that your finances are stable enough to cover the monthly repayments.

You should always check the term of the loan and the annual percentage rate of charge before withdrawing the money. Although a small operating loan may seem harmless from a financial point of view, the interest costs can easily become surprisingly high.

Don't plan your repayment too tightly

When applying for a loan, it's always a good idea to prepare by taking a careful inventory, what kind of loan and which loan terms are best suited to your financial situation. In addition to the monthly repayments on your loan, you should also have money left over for other living expenses.

It pays to compete for credit before withdrawing money

Another excellent way to start looking for a reasonable consumer loan is to compete for loans, which is nowadays easily done online without any commitment.

You can also try competing for loans when you are not yet in need of a loan, as comparing loans will help you build a better overview of what kind of loan services are available on the market to meet your needs as a borrower.

You can apply for credit in minutes with no commitment and, at best, you can have the money in your account in just a few minutes. You can easily apply for consumer credit online - without any collateral.

The cheapest APR is usually found through a competitive tender process

Comparing loans helps to highlight differences in interest costs between different loan services. Loan comparison services base their comparisons on the actual annual interest rate of the loans, which takes into account not only the nominal interest rate but also other loan-related costs, however small they may be.

So comparing loans does not require you to have any prior knowledge of the complexities of the loan market, as the comparison service's job is to generate a clear and accurate list of the most advantageous loan offers based on the loan offers you receive, taking into account all loan costs.

This way, you can find a cheaper overdraft in just a few minutes and with much less effort than if you were to go out and compete for individual loan offers yourself.

Working credit is a flexible, unsecured loan for a variety of everyday needs

At their best, operating loans offer a very flexible financing method to cover almost all kinds of everyday needs.

As a consumer credit or operating loan is, as the name suggests, geared towards consumption, you can use it to buy a new appliance to replace a broken one, take your car to a garage or buy your child new winter clothes, for example.You can also use it to pay for a holiday trip, for example.

A working capital loan should not be used for just anything

Although you can use the revolving credit for almost anything, there are of course some consumption-related money holes that the revolving credit is not suitable for.

These include, for example, applying for an operating loan to pay off existing loans or to lend to a friend.

An operating loan is also not suitable for going out, unnecessary shopping or any other daily, regular or long-term use.

Working capital is suitable for unexpected cash needs

An operating credit is designed to cover unexpected and necessary everyday expenses or larger investments when your own resources are insufficient to cover them.

Because you can apply for credit online, it allows you to pay off a overdue bill immediately, for example, avoiding unnecessary extra charges. In turn, the loan can be repaid in full, for example on the next payday.

For larger investments, on the other hand, the monthly instalments of the loan amount can be flexibly matched with your own income and expenditure, making it easy to realise even bigger dreams without a significant nest egg.

Working capital at a low interest rate

For the lender, a loan is a business and the cost of the loan is a way to make the business profitable. A few years ago, high interest rates in particular Express mail made many credit companies real money-makers, as the easy and quick-seeming a quick loan to the horror of the consumer, the actual cost of the loan could reach thousands of percent.

However, these days are long gone, as current interest cap laws and more effective supervision of the loan market have brought down interest costs on unsecured loans significantly.

Loan conditions have improved in recent years

The lending market is still characterised by high-cost consumer loans, but competition has led many lenders to improve their lending conditions and introduce greater flexibility into their lending services. So you can get better conditions for your credit today than in the past.

However, it is always the consumer's responsibility to find out what the conditions of the loan are before taking out a loan. Careful competition makes it easier to exclude consumer loans with high hidden costs from the comparison, so that the focus can be on comparing loan offers that are better suited to one's needs.

Significant differences in the terms of overdrafts

As the number of digital banks and lenders grows, the loan market is becoming more diverse, so before applying for a loan, it's a good idea to find out what you want to use the loan for, how much you want to borrow and in how many monthly instalments.

By repaying the loan according to an agreed schedule, there are no unnecessary extra costs for borrowing, which keeps loan costs low.

Don't apply for credit unnecessarily

Although loan tendering offers a smart option for finding a working capital loan that best meets your borrowing needs, if you are not sure of repayment, it is not worth taking out a loan at all.

You should also carefully consider other options before filling in a loan application, as sometimes another financing option may be available before you apply for a loan. Also, always check the loan term and the annual percentage rate of charge before taking out a loan.

Apply for a consumer loan with a single application from many different lenders

If you decide to apply for a consumer loan, always remember to compete carefully and read the terms carefully before signing the loan agreement.

You will usually receive several different loan offers in one application, from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

For loan repayments, it is therefore a good idea to draw up a repayment plan that is as realistic as possible to help you stick to the agreed schedule and avoid unnecessary extra costs. Finding a smart consumer loan always starts with smart preparation!

Working capital: frequently asked questions

Who can apply for a consumer credit?

In general, you can apply for credit through our service if you are at least 18 years old, a permanent resident of Finland and have a clean credit record.

In some cases, lenders may also require other conditions from you, such as a regular monthly income or a higher age.

How do I secure the lowest interest rate on my loan?

The cheapest interest rate is usually easiest to find by competing for loan offers.

Keep in mind, however, that the interest rate is always personal, as each lender will make you a personal loan offer based on the information you provide. For this reason, you may receive different loan offers with different interest rates from different lenders.

However, it is always worth comparing interest rates before taking out a loan.

What kind of operating credit should I apply for?

The amount of the loan should always be in proportion to your own borrowing needs. Too small a loan amount is likely to lead to a new loan, while too large a loan amount will only increase your borrowing costs unnecessarily.

If you wish, you can apply for a loan for any amount. However, you should not apply for more than the amount you need.

So carefully assess your own loan needs before filling in your loan application.

Can I get the loan amount in my account on the same day?

Applying for a credit online is quick and easy, and you can often get a loan on your account within the same day. This means you can access your overdraft facility on the same day.

Keep in mind, however, that not all lenders process loan applications in the evenings or at weekends, for example.

In addition, by law, money cannot be paid into your account between 23:00 and 7:00. However, if you want to receive loan offers quickly, fill in an application today. You can apply at any time and in most cases you will receive a loan offer quickly.

If I compete for loans, do I have to accept any of the loan offers?

Competing for loans does not oblige you to take out a loan. You can therefore leave the application process if none of the loan offers you receive meet your expectations.

So fill in your application today if you want to get a loan quickly.

Does it cost to tender loans?

Competing for loans is completely free for you as a consumer.

What if I need money to pay off existing loans?

If you need a loan to pay off existing loans, credit is usually not an option.

In such a situation aggregation loan may be the best option for you. If you are applying for a consolidation loan, always state this separately in your loan application. Also write down in the application any loans you want to pay off with the new loan.

It is also worth putting consolidation loans out to tender.

How much loan can I get?

Through our partners, you can get a loan of up to €60 000. If you wish, you can also apply for less, for example EUR 10 000. However, remember that interest costs are expensive for larger loans. Even a small interest rate can easily become high as the loan amount increases.

The maximum amounts are usually lower for a working capital loan. Working capital loans are typically smaller than the largest unsecured loans.