Instant online credit instantly to your account

Instant credit is a quick solution to your money needs. Apply online and get the money in your account right away, in the best case.

  • Complete the loan application in 1 minute
  • Choose the loan that best suits your needs
  • Get your money in your account today!

Today, fast loans are a much more flexible and affordable loan product than they are today, ideal for covering both small and sudden needs.

You can apply for an instant loan directly to your account online, and it takes no more than a few minutes at best to complete the application. However, it is also worth competing for small quick loans before signing a loan agreement.

What is instant credit?

A revolving credit is an unsecured consumer loan that you can apply for without collateral or a lender. The term of a short-term loan is usually quite short.

It is often possible to get an unsecured instant loan on the same day, as the loan application is completed and the credit agreement signed electronically.

A quick loan is usually a small loan, normally ranging from a few tens of euros to a few thousand euros at most.

For this reason, the loan period is also relatively short, less than a year. It is therefore possible to repay the quick loan all at once, for example on the next payday.

What is an instant loan suitable for?

An instant loan is best suited to cover small and sudden expenses. This could be, for example, the breakdown of an important household appliance or a car repair.

An instant loan can also be used for many other purposes, and during the loan process, there is no need to provide the lender with a separate explanation of what the instant loan will be used for.

Although instant credit offers a flexible solution to varying financial needs, no small loan should be applied for simply for the ease of the loan process, but should always be repayable according to the agreed repayment schedule.

Instant credit is unsecured consumer credit

When applying for a quick loan, you may notice that many banks and financial institutions no longer offer quick loans separately, but advertise unsecured consumer loans on their websites.

However, it should be borne in mind that an instant loan is also an unsecured consumer loan, so it is possible to apply for an instant loan today from basically all banks and financial institutions that grant unsecured consumer loans.

The duration of a short-term loan is usually quite short

The main difference between any other consumer credit and a quick loan is that a quick loan is almost invariably a small amount of money, which for the same reason also has a short repayment period.

This type of consumer credit is often called fast credit for this very reason, as the credit providers may not require the applicant to provide any payslips or other attachments at all, which allows the applicant to receive money immediately into your account.

Where to get an affordable instant loan instantly?

Although the new interest rate cap law has brought the cost of fast loans down considerably, the content of loan offers between banks and financial institutions may differ.

You can secure multiple loan offers by filling in several loan applications on the websites of different banks and financial institutions.

However, this can be time-consuming and frustrating, as these loan applications usually ask exactly the same questions.

Multiple loan offers with one application

Another much easier and faster way to get several loan offers at the same time is to compete for fast loans on our loan comparison service. Filling in the loan application takes no more than a few minutes at best and you can get your first loan offers immediately after submitting your loan application.

You can easily accept the best offer online and sign the loan agreement using your online banking credentials.

This means that you do not need to negotiate a separate loan, and the loan can be paid into your account very quickly.

Find out the annual percentage rate of charge by comparing

Comparing loans is the best way to show the real cost of unsecured consumer credit on an annual basis.

This is because when you fill in a loan application on our comparison service, we compete and compare the loan offers you receive based on the actual annual interest rate of the loan.

The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) for a loan includes not only the nominal interest rate, but also all other costs associated with your future loan, whether they are one-off fees such as the origination fee for opening a new loan or monthly charges added to the loan amount, such as account management fees.

The annual percentage rate of charge is therefore usually the best indicator for comparing the cost of loans.

You are not bound by anything when you apply for a loan

Competing for instant loans on our loan service is a free and safe way to find out what kind of instant loans are available on the market for your specific needs.

However, by applying for a loan with us, you are not committed to taking out a loan, as you can leave the loan process whenever you want.

For example, if the interest rates on the loan offers do not meet your expectations, you can try again later, for example by applying for a different loan amount or changing the term of the loan. If your need for a loan ends in the middle of your loan application, you still don't have to do anything other than drop out.

It's easy to apply for a loan in minutes, and you can often get loan offers from different financial institutions as soon as you send in your application.

Instant credit instantly to your account

As the name suggests, the instant loan can be paid immediately into your account. For this reason, instant credit is particularly popular with consumers who have a sudden need for a loan, have a small amount of money to borrow, but have nowhere else to turn at that particular moment.

Compete for quick loans even in a hurry

However, you should not skip the loan competition even if you need a loan immediately, as at best it takes only a few minutes to complete the loan application and the competition. At the same time, however, you can still save a considerable amount of money on the cost of a quick loan.

Instant credit straight from your sofa

The application for a quick loan is done entirely online, so you don't need to set aside time for separate loan negotiations.

In addition, because the loan amounts applied for normally remain very small, the loan can be granted without any attachments, i.e. the loan can be paid into your nominated bank account immediately after you sign the loan agreement, and within the legal time limit, i.e. from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Many lenders have extended their opening hours, meaning that your loan application can be processed outside normal office hours, and even at weekends.

You can get the first initial loan offers as soon as you send your loan application forward. By submitting your loan application well in advance, you also ensure that as many lenders as possible will consider your loan application on the same day.

What factors affect the cost of fast loans?

The cost of revolving credit, like other unsecured consumer credit, is made up of many different factors.


The interest rate the lender offers you is therefore an indication of how likely the lender thinks you are to be able to repay the loan, so the better you can demonstrate your ability to pay, the more competitive the interest rate you can be offered.

Loan opening fee

In many cases, an instant loan may include an origination fee. The opening fee is, as the name suggests, the fee charged for opening a loan. The opening fee is paid only once.

Account management fees

Account management charges or an account management fee refers to a fee that is usually paid monthly for as long as the loan is outstanding. The account management fee is usually a fixed price per month, for example €10 per month.

Possible late fees

Late repayment fees are of course only payable if the loan repayments are not made on time. You should always check the amount of the late payment fees before taking out a loan.

Instant access to your account - the amount and term of the fast loan

As already mentioned above, a quick loan is normally a small loan that is applied for to cover sudden and small expenses. The amount of money you should apply for depends, of course, on the need for the loan.

Usually, you apply for an instant loan for a few hundred euros, but in some cases the amount can be as little as a few tens of euros or as much as €1,000 to €2,000. The most important thing is to try to apply for a loan amount that is sufficient to cover your borrowing needs.

Take into account the total cost of the loan

For small loans, the cost of the loan can be high precisely because the costs may seem small when comparing loans. However, this can lead to an unfortunate pitfall, as costs that appear small represent a significant percentage of the loan cost when compared to the amount being borrowed.

For example, a €10 opening fee for a €200 fast credit is actually cheaper than a €5 opening fee for a €50 fast credit. This is why it pays to compare loans, even for small ones.

Choose the right loan period

As far as the duration of a quick loan is concerned, the rule of thumb is to keep the loan period short enough to avoid unnecessary extra costs, but long enough to leave enough money for other living expenses after the repayments.

Especially in the case of short-term instant loans, it is usually never worth taking out a loan for too long, as the cost of the loan will become too high.

The aim is to pay off the quick loan as quickly as possible, which is why the term of the loan is usually only a few months.

Easy and fast instant credit - keep these things in mind before applying for a loan

If you already feel that repayment will be difficult when you apply for a loan, you should not apply for a loan at all.

Late repayment of a loan can lead to unnecessary extra costs and even a default notice, which will make it difficult to sign a lease, telephone or electricity contract, for example, for many years.

For this reason, you should only take out a loan if you know you can pay it back with interest.

Act now if you can't pay your loan on time

If you only notice that you are having problems repaying your loan when you are repaying it, the first thing you should definitely do is contact the lender.

Many lenders are willing to renegotiate the repayment schedule for your loan, as long as you remember to tell them in good time.

Many consumers may believe that banks and financial institutions that provide instant credit are only interested in making money and are therefore not flexible. However, it is also in the interest of the lender that you can work together to agree a new payment schedule for the loan. This saves time and effort for both parties.

Map your financial situation before applying for a loan

So remember to carefully assess your financial situation before applying for a fast loan.

Small loans are also aimed at consumers who can repay the loan as agreed. Today, it is easy to apply for a quick loan directly online and the terms have become more flexible, but you should never rush into applying for a loan.

If you have any questions about how to apply for a fast-track loan, we are happy to help you! You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions section, where we have collected common questions and answers about applying for and competing for a quick loan.v

Instant credit: Frequently asked questions

How does the competition for fast loans work in practice?

The competition for quick loans is based on a comparison of several loan offers. We compare the actual annual costs of the loan offers on your behalf and rank the loan offers you receive from the cheapest to the most expensive. At best, you can compare up to several dozen different banks and financial institutions.

How big a fast loan can I get?

The quick loan is intended to cover smaller expenses. The maximum amount of an instant loan is usually a few thousand euros and the loan period is therefore short. If you need a larger loan, we recommend you also look at other unsecured consumer loans.

What are the benefits of tendering for me?

As a consumer, you benefit from the competition for fast loans in many ways. In particular, it saves you time and, most importantly, money, as the comparison keeps loan costs down!

How quickly can I get a fast-track loan into my account?

As the name suggests, instant credit can be paid into your account instantly, often on the same day or the next weekday morning at the latest.

Can I get an instant loan without collateral?

The fast credit is unsecured loan. You can therefore apply for a quick loan without collateral.

What other conditions do I need to meet?

To get a fast loan, lenders require you to be at least of legal age, have a permanent address in Finland and have a clean credit history. You will usually also need a regular income to qualify for credit.

You will also need online banking credentials for identity verification and electronic signature of the loan agreement.

Can I apply for an instant loan more than once?

You can compete as many times as you like for fast loans. You are not bound by any obligation when you submit a loan application on our comparison service.

Can I change the maturity of my Express Loan?

For questions directly related to the content of the loan agreement, we recommend that you contact the lender from whom you have borrowed. As a loan broker, we do not intervene in the content of loan offers and loan agreements.

What is the repayment term of a short-term loan?

Currently, the loan period for a quick loan is usually between 1 and 15 years. Virtually all unsecured consumer loans today have a repayment term of 1-15 years. However, the term of the loan can be different - so you may not be able to choose it yourself.

How much can I apply for an instant loan?

Most of our partners offer instant loans of €500-60 000, with some partners offering loans of up to €70 000. If you wish, you can also apply for a loan for a different amount, such as EUR 10 000.

Is an instant credit the same as an instant loan?

The old-fashioned fast loans, which offered interest rates of up to thousands of percent, have disappeared from the market. Although it may sound bad, an instant loan is basically a loan like an instant loan, but at a lower interest rate. Today's fast loans have a legal limit on the annual percentage rate of charge. As a result, the interest rates on these loans are significantly lower than in the past.

The amount to be repaid is also considerably lower than with the old quick loans. However, please note that the long repayment period will increase the overall cost of the loan.

How quickly can you get an instant loan?

You can usually get the money in your account within the same day, and at best you can get the money in minutes. It takes just a few minutes to apply for an instant loan, so as the name suggests, you can get an instant loan very quickly.

Where can you apply for an instant loan?

Easily apply for a loan online, and you can get multiple loan offers in one application. You can apply for a loan online at any time, and you don't need collateral to get a loan.

Is a quick loan the same thing?

A quick loan means basically the same thing. Both are a quick way to get an unsecured loan to an account on the same day. With both, you usually get your money in your account immediately on weekdays.