Loans without attachments

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Many people associate applying for a loan with numerous bank negotiations and the signing of several different contracts and documents.

While some large loans, such as a mortgage, require the applicant to submit several documents and, above all, to prove sufficient collateral, today's loan market also offers unsecured loans with flexible loan conditions, which allow you to get a loan without attachments.

Apply for a loan without attachments quickly and easily online

You can still get a small loan on the spot today without attachments. Although the conditions for unsecured loans have recently been tightened, it is still possible to obtain a loan without attachments for a small amount from certain restrictive institutions.

Applying for a loan online is easy, and you can even get a loan on the same day.

You can get a loan without attachments

Although most loans require attachments to the application, such as a pay slip, you can also get a small loan without attachments. The type of attachments needed depends on the financial institution and the amount of the loan. In most cases, a salary slip is requested as an attachment, or a bank statement or tax return, for example. Loans of several thousand euros cannot usually be obtained without attachments. The chances of obtaining a large loan without any attachments are therefore very small.

Unsecured loan without attachments

As the name suggests, unsecured loan is a loan that can be obtained without collateral. Collateral can be a home, a summer cottage or securities, for example. If there is no real security or if it is too small in relation to the amount of the loan requested, a personal guarantee can also be taken out on the loan. In the case of an unsecured loan, neither is therefore required.

Apply for an unsecured loan quickly

As no collateral is required, the loan application process becomes much faster, making it possible to apply for a loan directly online without a salary statement or other attachments.

To apply for an unsecured loan, all you need to do is fill in a loan application, read the loan terms and conditions and sign a loan agreement.

Only apply for a loan if you really need it

Although an unsecured loan is an easy and flexible loan product that can be used for many different purposes, taking out a loan as a loan should be carefully considered. It is also worth bearing in mind that unsecured loans generally carry higher interest rates than secured loans precisely because of the higher risk involved, so where to apply for an unsecured loan is not a completely irrelevant question.

Where to get a loan immediately without attachments?

As mentioned above, the most convenient way to get a loan without attachments is online. Today, traditional banks have also gone online and, in addition to these core banks, there are dozens of other digital banks and financial institutions offering consumers unsecured loans without attachments.

However, it is difficult to compare the interest rates of unsecured loans without sending in a loan application, as banks and financial institutions advertise example interest rates on their websites that may not correspond to the interest rates that lenders would be willing to offer you, for example.

Get a loan with a single application from several different financial institutions

However, filling in dozens of loan applications takes time and comparing loan offers one by one is tedious and cumbersome.

To save time and effort, you can submit a free loan application on our loan service and get several different loan offers from a number of different lenders at the same time with one loan application. Completing the loan application is completely free for you as a consumer and there is no obligation to take out a loan.

A loan without attachments is easy to tender

Competing for loans may sound like a complicated process at first, but it's not for you as a customer. Because our comparison service compares all the loan offers you receive at once and ranks them from cheapest to most expensive, all you have to do is look at the best-looking loan offers and accept the one you want.

You can get a small loan without attachments

Some banks and financial institutions also do not require you to provide any attachments in order to get a loan, especially if the amount you are applying for is small. For larger unsecured loans, the lender may ask you for a salary certificate to ensure that you can repay the loan amount safely.

This is perfectly normal practice, as reliable operators will naturally want to ensure before granting a loan that it can be repaid in reasonable instalments.

Multiple loan offers with one application

Competing for loans through our loan service is easy because you can get multiple loan offers with a single loan application. Many lenders process incoming loan applications immediately, so you can get your first initial loan offers within minutes of submitting your application.

If you apply in the morning, by the afternoon most of the loan offers may already be waiting for you.

Check out the loan offers before you take out a loan

Most loan offers are valid for up to weeks, giving you plenty of time to get to know the terms and interest rates of the loan offers you receive.

You may be surprised at this stage, as different lenders are likely to have made you loan offers with different terms and interest rates.

This is because each credit issuer conducts a personal credit assessment of applicants based on the information provided in the loan application and the way the applicant has managed their finances in the past.

This is why you can get a cheaper loan from one bank than from another, and why it is always worth competing for a loan without attachments, because through the competition you can find the best loan for you.

Low-cost loans instantly without attachments

As banks and financial institutions that grant unsecured loans do not require you to attach any documents in most cases, the loan amount can be paid to your account even on the same day.

It is the speed and simplicity of the application process that has made unsecured loans a viable financing method, for example when money is needed to cover an essential expense immediately and there is still time before payday. Applying for a loan is also faster as you don't have to send in any attachments.

The law limits interest rates on loans

Although an unsecured loan is a riskier loan for the lender than a secured loan, careful competition allows the interest rate on loans to be kept as low as possible.

Today, the loan market is full of loans without attachments, with interest rates well below 10%. With the new law on interest rate caps and improved financial supervision, fast loans that had reached interest rates of thousands of percent have already disappeared from the market.

Compare and compete to find the cheapest loan

Competing for unsecured loans is therefore a cost-free, reliable and impartial way to find out which bank or financial institution would offer you the most advantageous loan at that particular moment, without attachments.

Because every step of the loan process is done online, you can apply for a loan without attachments, for example, directly from home, work or on holiday.

If the loan application process raises further questions, we recommend you take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section to see if you can find the answer to your question there. Otherwise, we will be happy to answer your questions.

For questions regarding a loan offer, we recommend that you contact the party that made the loan offer, as we, as a loan broker, cannot influence the content of loan offers.

Borrow without attachments: frequently asked questions

What all is included in the interest rate of the loan offer?

When you compete for loans without attachments through our comparison service, we always compare loan offers on your behalf, based on the actual annual interest rate.

The APR should always be used as a basis for comparison because, unlike the nominal rate, it includes all the costs associated with the loan, from service charges to the opening fee and account management fees.

I no longer need a loan, but I have already sent in my loan application, now what?

Submitting a loan application on our comparison service does not commit you to taking out a loan, so if your loan needs have already expired, you can opt out of applying for a loan.

I sent in a loan application but only received three offers, is this normal?

Although our loan comparison includes many different banks and financial institutions, not all lenders will necessarily make an offer. To get more loan offers, try changing the loan amount and term.

Can I get a loan on my account immediately?

The fastest way to get a loan on your account is the same day. For example, if you submit your loan application late on a Friday evening, at least some lenders may not process your application until Monday morning.

Also bear in mind that it is not possible to repay the loan between 11pm and 7am.

Who can apply for a loan without attachments?

You can apply for a loan if you are at least of legal age, live permanently in Finland and have a clean credit record. Please note that if you are applying for a large loan, the lender may ask you for proof of regular monthly income. For smaller loan amounts, these documents may not be required at all.

Can I pay off my loan early?

In practice, you can always pay off a loan early. Paying off your loan earlier than agreed helps you to save money on loan costs. In practice, the loan repayment period is therefore usually the longest possible repayment period that allows you to pay off your loan without incurring late fees.

Can I apply for a loan without attachments together with my spouse?

You can also easily apply for a loan without attachments together with another applicant, such as your spouse. When you apply for a loan with a joint applicant, you can get an even lower interest rate and better loan terms.

Which loan period should I choose?

Choose a loan term that allows you to pay off your loan without any problems.

How much can you borrow from your partners?

Through our partners, you can apply for a loan of €60 000 or even €70 000. You can also apply for a loan for less, such as EUR 10 000.

How long is the repayment period for a loan usually?

The loan period usually varies between 1 and 15 years.

Can I get a loan of €10 000 without attachments?

A loan of EUR 10 000 is not usually available without sending the attachments. A loan without attachments is usually only available for a small amount. You can still apply for a loan and see if you get a positive loan decision.