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An easy quick loan is ideal for sudden cash needs. Fill in the loan application and get loan offers in minutes.

  • Complete the loan application in 1 minute
  • Choose the loan that best suits your needs
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Easy quick loan online

Apply for a quick loan now and you could get money immediately into your account! Through our partners, you can apply for a fast loan from several different financial institutions with a single application. It takes just a few minutes to complete the application, and you will receive a loan decision almost immediately after submitting your application.

Fill in the loan application now and get yourself an affordable quick loan in no time.

What is a quick loan?

A quick loan is an unsecured loan that can be applied for online in just a few minutes. No collateral is required for a quick loan, which means that you can usually get a loan decision almost immediately after submitting your application. A quick loan is handy when you need money in your account quickly.

You can apply for a quick loan online at any time, and filling in the application is completely free.

How to apply for a quick loan

Think about how much you need to borrow

When you apply for a loan, the first thing to consider is how much you need. It's a good idea to apply for enough, but if you borrow more than you need, you may be tempted to spend money unnecessarily. So when applying for a loan, you should always think carefully about whether you can actually pay it back.

On the other hand, it is better to apply for a little more than too little, as you can always repay the loan faster than the planned repayment schedule.

Fill in the loan application

Once you know how much loan you need, it's time to fill in a loan application. You can apply for a loan through our partners with a single loan application from several different financial institutions, so it's not necessary to fill in a loan application at different services.

Completing the loan application is quick and easy - just fill in the application form, add the necessary attachments (such as proof of income) and submit the application.

Compare loan providers

After filling in the loan application form, the application is processed by different financial institutions and you will receive a loan decision from different providers, usually within minutes.

You will usually receive several loan offers at once, so at this stage it is worth comparing the different loans, including the term of the loan, the annual percentage rate of charge, the opening fee and other costs. The loan amount and term may also vary between different loan offers.

Choose the most suitable loan

After receiving the loan offers, you can choose the loan that suits you best and accept the offer.

Simply filling in the loan application form does not commit you to anything. This means that you can still opt out of the loan if you wish.

However, if you find a loan offer that suits you, you can easily accept it with just a few clicks.

Get the money in your account

Once your loan offer has been accepted, you will usually receive the money immediately. So the fast loan is true to its name - at best, the loan will be in your account within minutes of approval.

Please note, however, that between 7am and 11pm, you cannot withdraw money from your account. There are legal restrictions on withdrawals.

Who is eligible for a quick loan?

A quick loan is a convenient loan product because it can be obtained without collateral - i.e. without a guarantor or property.

However, not just anyone can get a quick loan today. You must be at least the age of majority - over 22 or 23 for many lenders. You must also have a regular income (and proof of it) and a good credit history.

There are no further requirements for a fast-track loan as such. However, please note that your income level, among other things, will affect the amount of the fast loan you can get. For example, a EUR 10 000 fast loan may not be available to everyone.

Through our website partners, you can apply for loans up to €70 000.

A quick loan for fast cash needs

A quick loan is usually a good solution when you need money quickly. A secured loan from a bank can be too slow when something unexpected happens in life - bank loans can take several days to process.

In many cases, a quick loan is the solution, for example, if your phone breaks or you have other unexpected expenses.

You can get a quick loan without collateral

No collateral is required for a quick loan. This speeds up the loan application process - there is no need to estimate the amount or value of collateral.

This also makes it easier to get a loan - not everyone who needs a loan has any collateral or guarantors, and in this case a quick loan may be the only way to get a loan.

Quick loan or quick loan?

Quick loan and Instant loan mean almost the same thing - a quick, unsecured payment to an account Quoted from, which can be accessed online.

However, a quick loan usually refers to small loans of between €50 and €1000. A quick loan, on the other hand, most often refers to loans of any size, quick loans. However, the line is blurred, and in many cases the terms are used to mean exactly the same loan.

It is always worth competing for quick loans

It is always a good idea to compete for a quick loan, i.e. to apply for a loan from several financial institutions at the same time.

The reason for this is simple: the interest rate, repayment period and costs can vary significantly between different loan providers, and in the worst case, choosing your first loan can cost you thousands of euros more than you need.

Luckily, through our partners, it's easy to compete for a loan: apply for a loan from different financial institutions in one application, and compare different loan offers in one go.

Quick loan instantly on your account

While a normal bank loan may be paid with a delay, the situation is different for a fast loan: at best, it is possible to get a fast loan immediately. You can apply for a loan at any time, and you can usually withdraw it between 7am and 11pm.

Quick loan: frequently asked questions

Where can I get a quick loan now?

You can get a quick loan immediately from most financial institutions that offer quick loans. Submit a loan application through our partner and you can easily compare the terms and conditions of financial institutions for loan offers.

Is the quick loan always paid immediately into the account?

In practice, yes. The idea of a fast loan is precisely to be fast, and that's why virtually all financial institutions try to act as quickly as possible - i.e. to pay the loan immediately into your account.

Where can I apply for a quick loan?

You can apply for a quick loan through our partners. These partners work together through dozens of different financial institutions, allowing you to apply for a loan from many different places with a single application.

Simply filling in and submitting the loan application does not commit you to taking out a loan, so you can apply and compare loan offers at your leisure afterwards.

How much can I get a loan for?

Through our partners, loans can be granted for amounts between €100 and €70 000. However, this does not mean that large loans are granted to everyone - loan applications are considered on an individual basis and loan offers are tailored accordingly. In practice, it is therefore worth applying for a loan and seeing if you can get a loan for the amount you want.

What is the annual percentage rate of charge for a quick loan?

You should always check the annual percentage rate of charge for a quick loan with your own loan offer.

How long is the repayment period for quick loans?

While the repayment period for a quick loan may not be more than a few months, the repayment period for a larger quick loan is usually several years. In general, the maximum term is 15 years - depending, of course, on the loan amount and other conditions of the loan. In most cases, the repayment period varies between 1 and 15 years.