One-off loan

A quick, unsecured, one-off loan is a convenient solution to a sudden need for money. Easily apply for a one-off loan online.

  • Complete the loan application in 1 minute
  • Choose the loan that best suits your needs
  • Get your money in your account today!

An unsecured loan can provide versatile solutions for smaller or larger everyday expenses. For example, if you have an important bill that has not been paid and can no longer be deferred, a short-term loan can be a lifesaver.

You can apply for Quoted from but also for many other needs - for example, you can use the loan to buy winter tyres for your car, a new phone, paint your summer house or finance a holiday.

Loan payable immediately into account

As the name suggests, a loan is a loan that is applied for at one time for one or more different purposes. The best way to get money in your account immediately is to use a payday loan.

Many banks and financial institutions now offer one-off loans without any collateral or personal guarantee, which means you can apply directly online.

Once the loan application has been sent, the loan terms have been reviewed and the loan offer has been accepted, the one-off loan can be paid into your bank account even on the same day. As a result, a one-off loan can also meet a sudden or unexpected need for money very quickly.

Differences in interest rates and charges on a mortgage loan

As a one-off loan is normally unsecured loan, its interest rate and conditions may vary between different lenders.

It should be borne in mind that an unsecured loan is always a riskier loan for the lender than a secured loan, because the security ensures that the loan will be repaid even if the borrower, for one reason or another, finds himself in a financially challenging situation and is unable to repay the loan.

Borrow online at competitive rates

Unsecured one-off loans have higher interest rates than secured loans, but with new interest cap laws and tighter financial supervision, it is now possible to find unsecured loans online at very competitive rates and with flexible loan terms.

However, with so much on offer in the loan market, it can be difficult to get started.

Find the cheapest loans by competing

One of the best ways to map the current state of the loan market with just a few clicks of the mouse and get multiple loan offers in one loan application is to use loan tendering.

Loan tendering works on the same principle as, for example, electricity company tendering, which is nowadays a very popular way of finding out which electricity company offers the cheapest electricity for your needs.

A one-off loan online - how to compete for a one-off loan

While loan tendering may sound at first like a function only used by consumers who are more familiar with the loan market, in reality it is completely free of charge for all citizens.

You can also compete for small one-off loans conveniently through our free comparison service with a single loan application.

The comparison includes several different banks and financial institutions, which means that you can receive numerous loan offers even within minutes of submitting your application.

Competing for a loan is easy

So you don't need to have any previous knowledge of the loan market to compete for a loan, as we'll do it for you and rank the loan offers back to back, taking into account all the costs associated with your loan, from the origination fee to any account management fees.

When suitable loan offer has been found and you have carefully read the loan terms and conditions, you can accept the loan offer conveniently online using your online banking credentials or other strong authentication. You will then receive the money in your account, usually instantly, and ideally within minutes.

So the tendering process for a small loan will proceed step by step like this:

  1. Choose the right loan amount and term - use our loan calculator to estimate how much you would repay each month
  2. Fill in the loan application form carefully and send it to
  3. After submitting your loan application, you may even receive your first loan offers immediately, but usually within a few hours - note that not all lenders may process loan applications during evenings and weekends. You can receive up to dozens of different loan offers in a single application. Also remember that you are not bound by your loan application - you do not have to withdraw the loan.
  4. Loan offers are ranked in order of priority - you will always be the first to see the most advantageous loan offer
  5. Take your time to browse through the loan offers and their contents and easily accept the best offer online. Always check the annual percentage rate of charge!
  6. Provide the lender with the necessary documents and sign the loan agreement - if it's a small one-off loan, the lender may not require any attachments from you, so the loan can be paid into your bank account within minutes of the loan agreement taking effect.

How much is a one-off loan and how long is the repayment period?

You can apply for a flexible one-off loan for a wide range of purposes, from small home improvements to larger one-off purchases such as a car or a holiday trip. The amount of the loan therefore depends entirely on the purpose for which you are applying.

It's a good idea to think about how much you need to borrow in advance, as too little is likely to result in you having to apply for a new loan, while too much can lead to the temptation to spend the remaining amount on something unnecessary.

In both cases, the cost of the loan will also rise.

Estimate the repayment period and instalments with the loan calculator

With our loan calculator, you can calculate an approximate amount you would pay off your loan each month by changing the loan amount and term.

The loan calculator uses a sample interest rate for its calculations, so you can find out your personal interest rate just by submitting a loan application to our service. Submitting a loan application does not commit you to taking out a loan.

You can compete for loans before you apply for a loan

It makes sense to tender for loans at a very low threshold - even if the final decision to take out a loan has not yet been taken.

Many loan offers are valid for several weeks, so you can take your time to read the offers and see what interest rates and conditions different lenders would be willing to offer you.

You can submit a loan application on our comparison service whenever you want.

Cheap one-off loan online quickly and safely

It's easy to compete for an affordable one-off loan through our comparison service in just a few minutes. Your loan application will be passed on to our partners in confidence and our comparison only includes registered banks and financial institutions subject to financial supervision.

If you have any questions about applying for a one-off loan, you can contact our customer service. You can also check if your question is already answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section. If your question relates to the content of the loan offer, we can direct you to the lender's customer service department.

Online Loan - Frequently Asked Questions

For what purpose can I apply for a one-off loan?

A small loan is a flexible form of financing for many different purposes. However, you should only apply for a loan if you are sure that you will be able to repay the loan within the agreed timeframe.

Can a student apply for a one-off loan?

Each lender sets its own conditions for its loan products. A small one-off loan does not necessarily require a regular monthly income, so students can also get a loan from some banks and financial institutions.

Can I apply for a one-off loan without a credit history?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to apply for an unsecured one-off loan without a credit history, as lenders will invariably check the applicant's payment history before making a loan offer.

Can I apply for a 24-hour one-off loan?

Our comparison service is available 24 hours a day, so you can submit your loan application whenever you want. However, keep in mind that, by law, the loan cannot be paid into your account between 11pm and 7am.

Where can I find the best interest rate for my one-off loan?

When you compete for a one-off loan through our comparison service, we will find you the best loan offer from our partners based on the information you provide.

Today, interest rates on unsecured loans can be as low as less than 5%, but bear in mind that your own personal interest rate is determined by your creditworthiness, the amount and duration of the loan you are applying for, among other things.

Before taking out a loan, always compare which loan has the lowest annual percentage rate of charge. The APR includes not only interest charges but also other costs, so it gives a realistic picture of the total cost of the loan.

Can I apply for a secured one-off loan?

Many banks also offer a secured one-off loan. In this case, however, you will need to agree the terms of the loan directly with the bank from which you are applying. A secured loan is usually not paid out as quickly, but the interest rate is often lower.

However, you can only apply for an unsecured loan through our website. This means you can get a loan from our partners without collateral or guarantors. The processing of your loan application is faster when you do not need collateral.

Can I get a loan offer from all partners?

Although our comparison service includes many banks and financial institutions, not all lenders will necessarily make you a loan offer.

If you are unhappy with the number of loan offers, try calculating the loan amount or applying for a loan with a coapplicant. These things can help to increase the number of positive loan offers.

Do I have to use the one-off loan all at once?

Although the name may be a bit confusing, the one-off loan does not have to be used all at once, but can be used for several different purposes at the same time - for example, for home renovation, home furnishings or a weekend trip at the end of a renovation.

However, a one-off loan is granted in one go, so it is not a revolving credit for recurring use.

How much loan can you get?

You can apply for loans from our partners up to €60 000. Of course, you can also apply for a smaller loan, for example EUR 1,000.

How long is the term of the loan?

The duration of an unsecured one-off loan is usually between 1 and 15 years.

How quickly can I get a loan decision?

You can usually get a loan decision within minutes of submitting your application.

Should you apply for a loan without collateral or guarantors?

You can apply for a loan without collateral or guarantors when you need a loan quickly. Processing times for unsecured loans are usually fast, which is why you can usually get the money in your account immediately after your loan offer is approved.