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Through our website partners you can get Quoted from 50 euros quickly - even in a few minutes. It only takes a moment to complete the application, and you can usually get a loan decision for a €50 loan instantly.

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Sometimes life takes you by surprise, and the need for a €50 loan comes unexpectedly and unpredictably. Fortunately, applying for a loan and getting a loan decision for a €50 loan is quick and easy these days.

Always check the interest and charges before taking out a €50 loan

For a €50 loan, it's always worth competing - that is, comparing the interest rates and charges of different lenders before you take out a loan. This way you get the best loan for you and don't end up paying for nothing.

Can I get a €50 loan? is a service that connects different loan providers and loan seekers. We do not grant loans ourselves or make decisions about granting loans, so we cannot say for sure whether you will be able to get a €50 loan.

You can easily find out your situation by applying for a loan. There is no cost to apply for a loan and you are not yet bound to anything. The criteria for a €50 loan vary between banks and loan providers.

How fast can I get €50 in my account?

When you apply for a loan, you can even get €50 in your account immediately. With the fastest loan providers, you can get a loan decision immediately, which also means that the loan will be paid into your account immediately after the loan offer is approved.

Do I need to add attachments for a €50 loan application?

The need for annexes varies from one lender to another. Lenders want to be sure of your ability to pay, so attachments - such as salary slips and tax returns - may be requested when you apply for a loan.

Interest and charges on a €50 loan - examples

In the table below you will find examples of the instalments and total costs of a €50 loan with different payment periods and interest rates. In our example, we have used interest rates of 5%, 10%, and 20%.

Note! The figures in the table are examples and our partners do not necessarily offer loans similar to the example. The purpose of the table is to illustrate the impact of different repayment periods and interest rates on the instalments and total cost of a €50 loan. Always check the interest rates and costs of your loan with your loan provider before taking out a loan. In addition to interest charges, the loan may also include an opening fee or a monthly account management fee, for example.

Loan amount Loan period (years) Interest rate Monthly round-up Total amount
50 1 5,00% 4,28 € 51,36 €
50 2 5,00% 2,19 € 52,65 €
50 3 5,00% 1,50 € 53,95 €
50 4 5,00% 1,15 € 55,27 €
50 5 5,00% 0,94 € 56,61 €
50 1 10,00% 4,40 € 52,75 €
50 2 10,00% 2,31 € 55,37 €
50 2 10,00% 1,61 € 58,08 €
50 4 10,00% 1,27 € 60,87 €
50 5 10,00% 1,06 € 63,74 €
50 1 20,00% 4,63 € 55,58 €
50 2 20,00% 2,54 € 61,07 €
50 3 20,00% 1,86 € 66,89 €
50 4 20,00% 1,52 € 73,03 €
50 5 20,00% 1,32 € 79,48 €

The €50 unsecured loan goes by many different names

Although it is usually a consumer loan, a €50 loan can be called by many different names: for some, it is a 50€ quick loan or just 50€ vippi, another may use the term 50€ quick loan. Regardless of the title, the loan offers that are transmitted through our site are mainly related to consumer credit and credit lines - all of them are loans that can be granted by the lender to the borrower without any collateral. In addition, the loans are usually paid back very quickly.