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A small instant loan, payable immediately into your account, is a convenient solution for quick cash needs. Compare loans and apply today.

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Small Instant loan is one of the fastest and easiest loan products available today, which can be paid into your account within minutes of signing the loan agreement.

In some cases, a small quick loan can be a viable solution to cover small and sudden expenses when money cannot be obtained as quickly elsewhere.

Although the cost of quick loans today remains surprisingly low - thanks to the current interest rate cap - there are a few important factors to consider when applying for even a small quick loan.

Where to get a small quick loan?

Although many banks and financial institutions have nowadays moved towards larger consumer loans with longer maturities, some lenders still offer smaller quick loans.

As the name suggests, a small quick loan is suitable for covering small expenses that may surprise you just when your account is running low.

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However, before you apply for an instant loan, you should check whether you can find the same amount somewhere else first. For example, a family member or close friend may be willing to lend you the same amount at no extra cost.

But a small quick loan can save the day when you simply can't find the money to cover sudden expenses anywhere else.

Compare tapes first

To find a cheap quick loan, it's worth doing some research on the loan market beforehand. The most convenient way to find out which lenders also offer smaller quick loans is to compete for loans through our comparison service.

When you fill in a free loan application on our loan comparison service, you can receive. loan offers precisely from those lenders who also offer quick loans for smaller borrowing needs.

Keep these things in mind before applying for a small quick loan

A small quick loan offers a flexible financing option for sudden cash needs, but before you apply for a quick loan, there are a few important things to remember to make sure that your loan application and repayment are as sensible as possible.

The first thing to do before applying for a quick loan is to find out whether your financial situation allows you to apply for a loan.

Check the annual percentage rate of charge

Although a small quick loan may only be a few tens of euros, interest costs will be added on top.

In this case, comparing the loans on the basis of the actual annual interest rate of the loan offers helps to clarify what other loan costs are included in the quick loan, in addition to the nominal interest rate of the loan.

Loan period

Another important factor to consider when applying for a small quick loan is the term of the loan. Although a longer and more flexible loan period may sound like an attractive option, even with a small quick loan the cost of the loan increases the smaller the number of instalments you repay.

It is usually worth paying back a small quick loan as quickly as possible, for example from your next salary, social benefits or tax refunds.

The quick loan is usually paid immediately into the account

A small quick loan is an unsecured loan, which means that the credit can be paid into your account, usually within the same day - even in a few minutes.

However, credit issuers do not have an unlimited right to pay an instant loan into your account at any time.

You can fill in a loan application on our loan service to compare instant loans at any time of the day or night, but bear in mind that even a small quick loan can be paid into your account between 7am and 11pm.

It is best to apply for a loan on weekdays

It is also worth bearing in mind that applying for a quick loan late at night or at the weekend may limit the number of loan offers, as not all lenders process loan applications at this time.

Although the sudden need for a loan is usually neither a matter of time nor place, it is best to schedule your quick loan application between morning and afternoon if possible.

At the same time, many lenders have automated the processing of loan applications, making it possible to get loan offers outside normal banking hours.

Small instant loan instantly: frequently asked questions

Can you get a small instant loan instantly into an account if you have no credit history?

An entry on your credit file usually prevents you from obtaining an unsecured loan. If you have lost your credit history but need a loan, it is advisable to contact the lender directly.

How do I sign a credit agreement?

It is easy to sign a credit agreement electronically, for example using your online banking credentials.

Do I have to be an adult to get a small instant loan?

In Finland, lenders do not grant loans to people under 18. Many lenders may have an even higher age limit - usually 20-25 years.

What does a credit rating mean?

When you apply for an unsecured loan online, the lender will give you a credit rating. Your personal interest rate is determined by this credit rating, which is why you may also receive loan offers with different interest rates when applying for a quick loan.

How do I secure a small instant loan immediately into my account?

If possible, try to submit your loan application during the morning and afternoon, to ensure that as many lenders as possible will process your application immediately.

Be sure to fill in your loan application carefully and make sure you meet all the conditions, so you can get your first loan offers within minutes of submitting your application.

Where to get a small loan instantly?

You can apply for a quick loan through our partners.

What is the best quick loan?

The best quick loan depends on the type of loan you need. You can easily compare tips on our comparison page.

Can I get a quick loan without collateral?

All loans applied for through our partners are unsecured loans. This means that you can apply for a quick loan without any collateral.

How quickly can I get a loan decision?

You will usually receive a loan decision immediately after completing the loan application. At best, you can get a loan within minutes of your loan offer being approved.

What are the interest rates on quick loans today?

Today, interest rates on small quick loans are limited in the same way as for larger consumer loans. The cost of a small loan is therefore not as high as in the past. In fact, a quick loan is a significantly safer option today than it was, for example, 10 years ago.

For the same reason, small loans are now usually granted with a long repayment period. Similarly, the free quick loan of yesteryear is now largely a thing of the past.