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Need a quick loan of €20,000? With Lenders' loan comparison service, you can get an affordable loan with no collateral or guarantors and the money in your account the same day!

With a single loan application, you can reach more than 30 banks and financial institutions. Applying for a loan comparison service is quick and easy online.

You can get a loan of up to €20,000 in your account in the same day.

There are no obligations to tender loans

The loan comparison is not binding on you and is completely free of charge. You have the option to apply for a loan of €20,000 or more. You can get a loan up to a maximum of €70 000. The loan term can be up to 15 years.

Why should you compare a loan of EUR 20,000?

Today, there are dozens of banks and financial institutions in the Finnish financial market that provide unsecured loans.

Loans vary widely in interest rates and costs, and competing for loans through the comparison service is a quick and easy way to get up to dozens of different loan offers in an instant - with just one application.

Independent loan comparison is slow and cumbersome

However, it is always worth comparing both small and large loans with Lenders, as applying for a loan independently is quite time-consuming.

If you want to get a full picture of the options, you should set aside at least two full days just to compete for loans. Even that would hardly be enough.

The alternative is to tender for loans with Lenders, which gives you the best of over 30 loan offers in a single application. From these, you can choose a loan of €20,000 on the best terms for you.

You can apply for a loan through us in minutes

Unsecured loan or credit is, as the name suggests, a loan for which you do not have to provide collateral or guarantors.

Like a pledge, a guarantee or guarantor acts as proof to the bank that the loan can be repaid with interest and charges, even if the borrower is unexpectedly unable to repay the loan.

Large differences in interest rates and costs on loans

Because the collateral or guarantor gives the bank a promise that the loan will be repaid one way or another, the bank is also able to grant better loan conditions - this is because the risk of lending to the bank is significantly reduced by the collateral.

Find the best interest rate for your loan through a competitive tender process

You don't always need collateral or a guarantor to get a cheap loan.

This is why unsecured loans and credit have seen a big increase in demand in recent years, as unsecured loans are easy to apply for directly online and the loan money can be paid into an account very quickly, as there is no need for separate loan negotiations.

What is the real annual interest rate on a loan of €20,000?

The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) on a loan means all the annual charges included in the loan. The annual percentage rate of charge (the nominal interest rate) is the largest part of the cost of the loan and other charges are limited by law to €150 per year.

The annual percentage rate of charge is based on a personal credit assessment

Each lender will carry out a personal credit assessment on you when you apply for a loan. The assessment is based on the information you provide in your loan application, the credit reference register and common registers of lenders.

The actual annual interest rate depends on this estimate. Estimates can vary widely, so you may get a better deal from one lender than another. So you can get a loan of €20,000 at a very different interest rate depending on the bank or financial institution.

You can apply for a loan of €20,000 for a wide range of needs

You can get a loan of €20,000 for very different needs. However, this is such a large amount that a loan of EUR 20 000 is rarely requested to cover everyday expenses. Often a larger purchase or the combination of other loans into a single loan is what is in mind.

You can combine smaller loans and instalments into a single loan

For example, you can apply for a loan of €20 000 to pay off smaller loans and instalments, after which you will only pay one loan.

In many cases, such bundled loans will substantially reduce your monthly loan repayment costs. On the one hand, the term of the loan is extended, but you can also reduce the loan by more than the minimum repayment amount if necessary.

Will a secured loan be cheaper than an unsecured loan?

Banks will lend at the lowest interest rate of all when the loan is tied to a real security. A personal guarantee can also allow for a loan with lower interest rates and costs than an unsecured loan. So you can get a loan for €20,000 cheaper with a personal guarantee.

Today, middle-income people who manage their finances very well may not have accumulated assets to secure a loan. Nor do they necessarily want to tie up assets only for large mortgages or other major purchases.

Your past loan history serves as collateral for lenders

With Lenders Loan Search, you can apply for a loan of €500-70,000 without collateral. You don't need real collateral, as the credit assessment that lenders do on you acts as a guarantee of your ability to pay.

So it's always a good idea to pay your monthly instalments on time and manage your finances well. By doing this, you will always get a loan on good terms.

You can apply for a loan with us alone or with a coapplicant

If you want to improve your chances of getting a loan, you can apply together with a friend, relative or spouse.

For example, you could apply for a loan of €20,000 to help you and your spouse decorate your first home together, or to buy a sailing boat with your brother.

What are the factors that affect a loan of €20 000?

Lenders' loan comparison service allows any adult with a regular income and good financial management to apply for a loan of €20 000. This is just an example. Of course, you should always apply for a loan according to your actual needs.

Those who manage their money well get loans on the best terms

When submitting the information you provide in your application, you will be asked for permission to check your data in the credit register of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and the joint credit register of banks and financial institutions.

The credit assessment is based on your current situation. So even if you've had some financial problems in the past, it's worth applying for a loan.

As a rule of thumb, the better you have managed your finances, especially your previous loans and credit, the better the terms you will get for a new loan.

What kind of loans are available for €20,000?

With the Lenders Loans Competitive Loan Service, you can get a loan of €20,000 as a one-off or flexible loan. In both cases, you don't need any collateral to apply for the loan and you can get the loan on the same day. We will now explain how these types of loans differ from each other.

One-off loan

One-off loan is paid in one instalment to the customer's account. So, for example, if you apply for a loan of €20,000, you will receive the money in one lump sum. The loan period can be between 1 and 15 years. A typical one-off loan is requested for car financing, consumer credit, combining other loans, construction or renovation, for example.

What situations are suitable for a one-off loan?

A one-off loan is best suited to situations where you know pretty much exactly how much you need to borrow. It is worth considering the duration and amount of the loan carefully. Are you comfortable with a long repayment period and small monthly instalments? Or a shorter loan period with higher monthly repayments but lower overall costs?

It is also worth taking out enough loans at once, as it is difficult to stick to a building budget, for example. Taking out a new loan will be more expensive than building up a little extra money.

Flexible credit

Flexible credit is a bit like a credit card account. With a flexible loan, the loan period is not as fixed as with a one-off loan. You can apply for a loan of €20,000 as a flexi-credit and withdraw, for example, €2,000 from it to your account. You only pay interest and charges on the €2000 you withdraw.

When you pay back your Flexible Loan, the amount of the principal of your repayment is released for your use.

What situations are suitable for flexicredit

Flexible credit is best suited for situations where you do not have a clear idea of the amount you need. For example, you may be taking a longer holiday trip for which you want to take out a flexi-credit as a travel fund.

A loan of €20,000 is quite large for a flexi-credit, but you only pay on the amount you withdraw. The loan is released to you in the same way as if you were paying off a credit card debt.

Apply for a loan of EUR 20000 with Lenders' loan comparison service

Lenders is a reliable domestic loan comparison service. We only partner with reputable and reliable Finnish and European lenders.

We are very careful about who we choose to work with. Simply meeting the minimum requirements is not enough.

It's important to us that our customers get loans quickly and on fair terms.

Interest and charges on a €20000 loan - examples

In the table below you will find examples of the instalments and total costs of a €20,000 loan with different payment periods and interest rates. In our example we have used interest rates of 5%, 10%, and 20%.

Note! The figures in the table are examples and our partners do not necessarily offer loans similar to the example. The purpose of the table is to illustrate the impact of different repayment periods and interest rates on the instalments and total cost of a loan of €20,000. Always check the interest rates and costs of your loan with your loan provider before taking out a loan. In addition to interest charges, the loan may also include, for example, an opening fee or a monthly account management fee.

Loan amountLoan period (years)Interest rateMonthly round-upTotal amount
2000015,00%1 712,15 €20 545,80 €
2000025,00%877,43 €21 058,27 €
2000035,00%599,42 €21 579,05 €
2000045,00%460,59 €22 108,12 €
2000055,00%377,42 €22 645,48 €
20000110,00%1 758,32 €21 099,81 €
20000210,00%922,90 €22 149,56 €
20000210,00%645,34 €23 232,37 €
20000410,00%507,25 €24 348,08 €
20000510,00%424,94 €25 496,45 €
20000120,00%1 852,69 €22 232,28 €
20000220,00%1 017,92 €24 429,99 €
20000320,00%743,27 €26 757,78 €
20000420,00%608,61 €29 213,15 €
20000520,00%529,88 €31 792,66 €


Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for a loan of €20,000?

The minimum requirements are a clean credit record, a steady income and full age. The better you have handled your previous loans, the better your chances of getting a €20,000 loan.

How soon can I get a loan of €20,000 on my account?

Once approved, you can receive your loan in your account within a few minutes at most, but usually within 1-3 days at the latest.

Is it difficult to apply for a loan through your service?

It certainly is not! Fill in the loan application according to our instructions. The loan application will be forwarded to all the banks and financial institutions we serve.

How is the APR determined?

The annual percentage rate of charge includes all the annual costs of the loan. It is determined by the credit rating that lenders give you.