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Need a loan 15000 without collateral quickly and easily? If so, you have come to the right place. With our loan competition service, you can reach more than 30 banks and financial institutions offering loans of €15,000 with a single application. You will usually receive a loan decision within the same day and, in the fastest case, the money will be deposited immediately into your account.

In this article we tell you about the different options available to you loan options and how to get the fastest loan. It is free for you to compete for a loan through our service. It is always worth competing for a loan of €15,000, as there are big differences in the interest rates and costs of loans.

Competing for loans is free and you are not bound by any obligation

Competing for loans through our service is completely free of charge and does not bind you to anything. You can get a loan of €15,000, for example, but the amount can be lower or higher depending on your needs.

Through our service, you can apply for a loan up to EUR 60 000. The maximum loan period can be up to 15 years.

Why is a loan of €15,000 always worth comparing?

Loans without collateral or guarantors are now available from dozens of financial institutions operating on the Finnish market. Of course, it is not compulsory to apply for a loan through the comparison service, but it is highly recommended.

Another option is to apply for a loan directly from banks and financial institutions. To apply for a loan directly, you need to send a loan application to each bank and financial institution separately.

This is time-consuming and often unnecessary, as most of the financial institutions that grant unsecured loans in Finland are our partners.

Get your first loan offers in minutes

When you apply for a loan through our service, you will often receive your first loan offer within minutes of submitting your application. If you apply for a loan on a weekday, you are likely to receive all loan offers on the same day.

Large differences in the cost of loans

Each loan offer is always made on the basis of your personal situation. The loan offer you receive is therefore influenced not only by the interest rate of the lender, but also by your current financial situation. The interest rate you see in an advertisement may be very different from what you are offered.

The law defines interest-free and cost-free

In 2019, the law on interest and charges on loans entered into force, which allows for a maximum nominal interest rate of 20 % and a maximum of 0.01 % per day for other charges on the loan. In addition to the interest, other charges may be levied up to a maximum of €150 per year.

The cost of loans varies widely within the interest rate ceiling

Even within the interest rate ceiling, there are large differences between loans. You can get a loan of €15000 with a very wide range of interest rates. Legislation protects loan applicants from completely arbitrary interest rates and charges, but there are still large differences in the cost of loans.

The nominal interest rate for loans applied for through our service is between 4-20%. The more stable your financial situation, the better the interest rate you can get a loan at.

Apply for a loan of EUR 15000 through the competition

You can apply for a credit of 15000 or any other amount. Loans applied for through our service range from EUR 100 to EUR 60,000.

Very often, the loan amounts for one-off loans are around €15,000. Loans of €10 000 and €5 000 are also common. Whatever loan amount you have in mind, it is always worth competing for credit.

You can apply for a loan of EUR 15000 for a purpose of your choice

With unsecured consumer loans, you decide how the loan is used. The 15000 loan can be applied for for a wide range of purposes. A loan of this size is suitable for renovation, a boat or car loan, or to furnish your new home.

What factors influence the receipt of a loan?

If you are applying for a loan of €15,000 (or any other amount), the minimum requirements for applying for and obtaining a loan are very similar for all financial institutions. The minimum requirement is 18 years of age, regular salary or pension income.

In addition, lenders are interested in your income and expenditure balance and your past debt record. A loan cannot be granted if you already have too much debt.

For example, a loan of €15,000 often includes a moderately high monthly payment, even if the loan term is long. You will need to commit to repayment over a period of years. Some financial institutions also require you to be 20 years old.

Managing your finances well will get you a low-cost loan of €15000

You should fill in the loan application form carefully, as it will provide you with loan offers. The offers are based on the information you provide, credit registers and common registers of banks and financial institutions.

Even if past mistakes don't necessarily prevent you from getting a loan, the better you manage your finances, the better the terms and lower the costs you'll get. Your credit assessment will always be based on your current situation, which means that your current finances should be well managed.

What kind of EUR 15000 loans are available on the market?

A loan of €15,000 is a large sum, often tying you to repayment for years. You can get a loan of €15,000 as a flexible loan or as a one-off loan.

Under either of these options, you can get a loan on good terms by competing for loans. We will now explain more about these two types of loans.

You withdraw your loan in one instalment

As the name suggests a lump sum loan is drawn in one instalment. So, for example, you can get a loan of €15,000 in one go. A small loan is suitable for financing purchases for which you know the price in advance. For example, a car, a boat, a motorbike or a summer cottage.

In a fixed-rate loan, the term and the amount of the loan determine the amount of the monthly instalment. The longer the loan period, the lower the monthly payment. In general, it is better to choose a loan term that is slightly longer rather than too short, so that you can be sure of the monthly cost of the loan.

If you wish, you can always reduce your credit by more than the minimum repayment amount and save on loan costs.

Flexible credit brings mobility to your finances

Is your borrowing need long-term but irregular? If so, you can apply for a €15,000 loan as a flexi-credit. Flexible credit is about a credit account, where you can withdraw money when you need it. In this sense, flexi-credit is very similar to a credit card.

You only pay interest and charges on the part of the loan you have taken out. For example, you may have a €15,000 flexible loan, of which you only withdraw €2,000, in which case you only pay interest and charges on €2,000. The flexible credit will be released for your use again as you repay it.

Interest and charges on a €15000 loan - examples

In the table below you will find examples of instalments and total costs of a €15,000 loan with different payment periods and interest rates. In our example we have used interest rates of 5%, 10%, and 20%.

Note! The figures in the table are examples and our partners do not necessarily offer loans similar to the example. The purpose of the table is to illustrate the impact of different repayment periods and interest rates on the instalments and total cost of a loan of €15,000. Always check the interest rates and costs of your loan with your loan provider before taking out a loan. In addition to interest charges, the loan may also include an opening fee or a monthly account management fee, for example.

Loan amountLoan period (years)Interest rateMonthly round-upTotal amount
1500015,00%1 284,11 €15 409,35 €
1500025,00%658,07 €15 793,70 €
1500035,00%449,56 €16 184,28 €
1500045,00%345,44 €16 581,09 €
1500055,00%283,07 €16 984,11 €
15000110,00%1 318,74 €15 824,86 €
15000210,00%692,17 €16 612,17 €
15000210,00%484,01 €17 424,28 €
15000410,00%380,44 €18 261,06 €
15000510,00%318,71 €19 122,34 €
15000120,00%1 389,52 €16 674,21 €
15000220,00%763,44 €18 322,49 €
15000320,00%557,45 €20 068,34 €
15000420,00%456,46 €21 909,86 €
15000520,00%397,41 €23 844,50 €


15000€ unsecured loan goes by many different names

Although it is usually a consumer loan, the €15,000 loan can be called by many different names: for some it is a 15000€ quick loan or just 15000€ vippi, another may use the term 15000€ quick loan. Regardless of the title, the loan offers that are transmitted through our site are mainly related to consumer credit and credit lines - all of them are loans that can be granted by the lender to the borrower without any collateral. In addition, the loans are usually paid back very quickly.

Loan 15000 EUR - Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get a loan of €15,000?

15 000 is a large amount to apply for and should be carefully considered. You can get a loan of €15 000 if you are of age, working or retired, have an address in Finland and your finances are in balance.

What types of loans can I choose from?

You can choose whether you want just one instalment, in which case the whole amount will be paid into your account at once. With a fixed-rate loan, you pay a fixed monthly instalment for the loan period of your choice. Alternatively, you can opt for a credit account in the form of a flexible loan.

You can withdraw the amount you need from your credit account and the credit will be released for you to use as you repay your debt.

What does the annual percentage rate of charge on a loan mean?

The annual percentage rate of charge includes all the annual costs of the loan, including, in addition to the nominal interest rate, the opening fee, account management fees, billing surcharges and any flexible drawdown fees.

Why should you compete for credit?

There are big differences in the cost of credit and interest rates. You can get a loan of 15 000 at very different costs. Through our service, you can reach more than 30 banks and financial institutions with a single application.