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Are you planning to apply for a loan, but you have no collateral or guarantor for your loan?

A secured loan is a sensible loan in the sense that the collateral often makes the loan terms and interest rate very favourable. However, it is not always possible to provide collateral, either because it is not available or when the need for a loan is so sudden that the loan should be credited to your account as soon as possible.

Unsecured loan can now be applied for entirely online, so there is no need to negotiate a loan separately with a bank.

It is even possible to receive a loan offer by email immediately after submitting the loan application, and the loan agreement can be signed conveniently using your online banking credentials. Just applying for a loan does not commit you to anything, however, as you can apply for a loan without any obligations.

However, there are many important things to bear in mind when applying for a loan online before signing a loan agreement. These include, in particular, asking for loan offers and familiarising yourself with the terms and conditions of the loan.

Where to get a loan offer?

Requesting a loan offer starts with filling in a loan application. It is worth taking some time to fill in the application form, as it is important that all the information is correct.

Once the bank or other financial institution has processed your loan application, it will make a loan offer based on the information provided in the application, where you will find all the information you need about your future loan.

A loan offer is a promise by the lender to give you a loan. The loan offer tells you how much the lender is willing to lend you, the repayment period and the interest costs.

You can receive multiple loan offers at the same time when you submit a loan application through our partners.

At best, you can get multiple loan offers in a matter of minutes, and you can even get the money in your account within the same day.

However, always compare loan offers before you take out a loan. The best loan offer can only be found by comparing.

The loan offer includes everything you need

Before signing a loan agreement, you should carefully read the contents of the loan offer. The loan offer should include everything you need to know about your future loan, from the repayment period to the actual annual cost of the loan.

The loan offer should therefore clearly state all the costs you will incur to take out the loan.

You should always read the loan offer carefully before taking out a loan.

Nominal and annual percentage rate of charge of the loan offer

Indeed, the nominal interest rate on a loan is a very widely used benchmark rate used by banks and financial institutions to advertise their loan products.

However, comparing nominal interest rates can be misleading, as there are many other costs associated with a loan that add to the final price tag.

Annual percentage rate of charge includes all charges

Other loan costs to be taken into account, which must also be included in the loan offer, are loan origination/processing fees, service charges, account management fees and billing surcharges.

This can be a one-off charge, such as an opening fee, or an interest cost added to the loan amount each month, such as an account management fee or a billing surcharge. When these interest charges are added to the nominal interest rate of the loan, the annual percentage rate (APR) of the loan is obtained.

When making a loan offer, you should therefore pay particular attention to the actual annual interest rate of the loan. This will give you a better idea of how much your loan will cost you, including interest and other costs.

Especially with smaller loan amounts, you should be very careful, as it is the other costs of the loan that can become very high because the loan amount is small - so even if the costs seem cheap in euro terms, when you compare them to the amount you are borrowing, you will suddenly find that it is a significant cost in percentage terms.

The law determines the actual annual interest rate on a loan

With the amendment of the Interest Ceiling Act that entered into force in 2019, the nominal interest rate for unsecured consumer loans may not exceed 20 % per year and other costs may not exceed 0.01 % of the loan amount per day, but not more than EUR 150 per year.

Before the latest permanent reform of the law, the interest costs of smaller quick loans in particular could easily skyrocket, as the nominal interest rate on the loan might seem low, but the other costs of the loan could reach up to thousands of percent.

However, with the reform of the Mortgage Ceilings Act, these loan products have been withdrawn from the market.

Where to get the best loan offer?

The best loan offer is, of course, the one with the lowest interest rate, but this may not necessarily come from your own bank, as many people might think.

While concentrating loans with your own bank can be beneficial, for example in the sense that loans can earn bonuses or other monetary benefits, the best loan offer for an unsecured loan may not be available from your own bank.

The best loan offer is found by competitive bidding

As unsecured loans are becoming more and more common, the loan market today is characterised by a large number of domestic, Nordic and European banks and financial institutions offering unsecured loans to consumers almost in competition with each other.

The increase in supply has led consumers to seek as many loan offers as possible from different lenders in order to find the cheapest loan.

Get a loan with a single application from several different financial institutions

As mentioned earlier, to get a loan offer, you need to apply for a loan. If you were to ask each lender for a separate loan decision, you would therefore have to send several different loan applications, which would take time and effort to complete.

Because the loan application essentially deals with exactly the same information, you can actually receive several loan offers from different banks and financial institutions with a single loan application.

The best way to do this is to use our service, which allows you to easily compete for loan offers from up to dozens of banks and financial institutions with a single loan application.

With a single application, you can receive up to dozens of different loan offers in just a few minutes.

How to compete for loan offers

Competing for unsecured loans means in practice that you ask for several loan offers from different banks and financial institutions. These are then compared against each other on the basis of the actual annual cost of the loan, making it easy to find the loan with the lowest interest rate.

Multiple offers with one application

When you apply for a loan through our comparison service, you can get your first loan offers in as little as a few minutes.

This is because many lenders have automated the processing of loan applications, making it quick and easy to compete for loans directly online.

So the step-by-step process of putting loan offers out to tender works like this:

1. Choose the right loan amount and term - use the loan calculator to see how much you would pay on your loan each month by changing the loan amount and term.

2. Fill in the loan application - to speed up the loan process, make sure you already have the necessary proof of income, such as pay slips or Kela's subsidy decision.

3. Submit your loan application - after submitting your application you will usually receive offers immediately, but we recommend waiting a few hours to ensure that all lenders have time to process your application.

4. Take your time to check the loan offers - depending on the lender, loan offers are valid for around 2-4 weeks, giving you plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions. Loans usually differ in terms of duration, interest rates and charges, among other things. There may also be differences in how much you can get.

5. If you find a suitable loan promise, accept the loan offer electronically, submit the necessary attachments to the lender and sign the loan agreement using your online banking credentials. You do not need any collateral to secure the loan.

An easy way to find an affordable loan offer

When you leave the competitive bidding process to us, we will always find you the best loan offers from our partners. You will be the first to see the most advantageous loan offer, but the final decision on whether to accept the loan offer is always yours.

There is no cost or obligation to request a loan offer, so you can choose to reject all loan offers if none of them meet your needs. What's more, you can always come back to apply for a loan again, with no obligation.

You can apply for a loan without any commitments

Requesting a loan quote is a quick and free way to find out what interest rates and loan terms different banks and financial institutions are willing to offer you for an unsecured loan.

Keep in mind, however, that not all lenders will necessarily make a credit decision based on your loan application. This could be because the loan amount is too high or the loan term is too long for your income.

Also check that you meet all the conditions before submitting your loan application. For example, a mark on your credit file may prevent you from obtaining an unsecured loan, or even prevent you from obtaining it altogether.

Best loan offer: frequently asked questions

Is the loan offer binding?

A loan offer is a promise by the lender to lend you money, but as a consumer you do not have to accept the offer if it does not meet your needs. You can reject a loan offer simply by not applying for a loan.

Why is a preliminary loan offer not a final loan offer?

The lender can make a preliminary loan offer based on your application, but especially for larger loan amounts, you will still need to provide the lender with proof that the income you declared in your loan application is real. You will secure a more competitive interest rate on your loan if you can prove that the loan amount and term are realistic for your income level.

Can I get loan offers together with my spouse?

You can also apply for a loan together with your spouse. In this case, both applicants fill in their details on the loan application.

How can you identify a good loan offer?

A good loan offer always includes all the necessary information about the future loan. When you apply for a loan through our comparison service, you will always get the best loan offers based on the information you provide in your application.

Why ask for a loan offer online?

When you request loan quotes online, you ensure that you receive multiple loan quotes with a single loan application. This means you are much more likely to find a cheaper loan than if you were to request a loan quote from your bank alone.

How quickly can I get a loan?

Loans can be obtained through our partners even on the same day.

How do I find the best loan offer?

Our comparison page allows you to search for loan providers and find the most advantageous loan. Always compare loan offers before you apply. It always pays to compare, as a cheaper loan can save you up to hundreds of euros a year.

How can I get a loan quickly?

You can apply for a loan very quickly. The application is easy to fill in, and you can receive loan offers in just a few minutes. You can apply for a loan at any time, and ideally you can get a loan in your account the same day.

What is the typical loan term?

The typical loan term for unsecured loans is 1-15 years.

How do I fill in an application for a loan?

The application is quick and easy to complete. The application contains clear instructions on what information is needed to complete the application.

Can I tender for a mortgage through you?

You cannot compete for a mortgage loan on our website.