Quick loan - how to get a loan fast

Get a quick loan online in just minutes. Get up to dozens of loan offers in one application!

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As the name suggests, a quick loan offers a quick and convenient way to finance the smaller and larger everyday expenses that often come as a surprise when you least expect it.

Whether you urgently need money to pay for a bear letter, book a cheap promotional trip or cover unexpected expenses, you can find. get a loan fast without collateral and without attachments, and at best, the money can be transferred to your account within 24 hours.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what a fast loan is, where to apply for a fast loan and what to consider when applying for a loan.

Fast credit instantly to your account

One of the undeniable advantages of a fast loan is the ease of the loan process. Today, it is really easy to apply for a fast loan entirely online, and there is no need for separate loan negotiations with the bank at all.

Apply for a loan online, without collateral or guarantors

The fast loan can be paid into your account completely without collateral or guarantors, so the money can be waiting in your account within 24 hours of sending your loan application.

Secured bank loans are good loans in the sense that the collateral makes it possible to keep borrowing costs very low. The most common secured loans are mortgages, car loans and student loans guaranteed by the state.

However, when you apply for a secured loan, you will have to justify to the bank the purpose for which you want to use the loan. The loan process will also take time, as the bank will have to look at the collateral you have provided and decide whether it is sufficient to guarantee the bank loan.

Borrow up to a few minutes

When you need a loan quickly, a fast online loan is usually a better option than a bank loan. You can get a loan online in as little as a few minutes.

However, remember to plan your loan repayments as carefully as possible and compare loans. When you apply for a quick loan online, you don't need collateral, a lender or a statement of purpose.

Where can I apply for an instant loan?

Numerous banks and financial institutions provide fast loans for different purposes.

Whether you need a loan to pay your bills or to get your car serviced, you can apply for a loan online with an online application form that can be submitted at any time of day.

Through our partners, you can find a loan provider where you can get an unsecured loan without unnecessary delays. You can withdraw from most providers the loan immediately - so you can get the money in your account in minutes.

Filling in a loan application takes just a few minutes

Generally, a quick loan is a relatively small loan, around €100-2000, so many lenders can even offer you a loan without any attachments. This in turn saves you time, as you can approve the loan offer online and get the loan money in your account immediately.

It is possible to sign the loan agreement securely online, for example with your online banking ID, which allows the lender to receive reliable confirmation of your identity from your bank.

Thanks to this process, you no longer need to send separate identity documents or other documents to the lender afterwards.

It is always worth competing for quick loans

While fast credit is by far one of the most frugal loans on the loan market, fast loans are generally not the most affordable loans.

Despite the small amount of the loan, the interest costs can be very high if you don't remember to compare the loan offers carefully.

Annual percentage rate of charge varies significantly between different loans

While it is true that the new interest cap laws have also made the interest costs of unsecured quick loans much cheaper, you should never take out a loan without first thinking carefully about how and over what period of time you will repay it.

Especially in the case of a quick loan, the interest costs can be very high if the loan payment is delayed.

The maximum annual percentage rate of charge is now set by law, so you don't have to pay the high interest rates of the old days, even for quick loans.

Apply for a loan online with ease

If you have decided to apply for a fast loan and you are confident that you will be able to repay the loan with interest and fees, the very first thing to do is to set aside some time to compare loans.

Today, loan comparison is the best way to find out the real annual cost of loan offers between several different lenders in a single loan application. There is no cost for comparing loans, and there is no obligation to apply for a loan.

Many lenders have automated the processing of loans, which means that you can get your first loan offers back even immediately after submitting your loan application.

If the loan amount is small, many lenders can give you a positive credit decision without any attachments at all, making it really easy to compare loans.

So don't skip comparing loans for a few extra minutes, as you're likely to save a lot of money on your loan costs - and that's always worthwhile.

Get a quick loan on your account - keep these things in mind

While a fast loan can be an easy loan and can be paid back in the same day at best, it is by no means easy money. However, if the need for a quick loan is real, you should allow some time for the loan process so that you can compare the best loan offers at your leisure and choose the most advantageous one.

The loan comparison tool is a really useful tool in this respect, as it compares loan offers based on the actual annual cost of the loans, so you know in advance what all the costs are for your loan.

Check the loan amount, terms and plan the repayment period

When applying for a quick loan, pay attention to both the loan amount and the term of the loan. It is very likely that some lenders will offer you a larger loan amount than you have applied for.

This is because not all banks and financial institutions lend such small amounts - for example, many lenders have a minimum loan amount of €500-1000.

The idea is not, of course, to borrow just because you are offered a loan, but to match your own borrowing needs as closely as possible. As the amount of the loan increases, the cost of the loan is also higher. So borrow only as much as you need

The loan can be reduced in advance if necessary

As for the loan term, you should try to pay off your fast loan as quickly as possible, so that your borrowing costs are kept as low as possible.

In this sense, fast credit can be an excellent option when, for example, there is still time before payday or benefit payments, but you need money immediately. For small loans, the loan period is usually between 1 and 12 months.

Applying for a loan online is quick and easy

Please note that when you apply for a fast loan online, you can submit your loan application at any time of day, but loan applications submitted late at night or at the weekend, for example, may not be processed until the next business day.

Although many lenders process loan applications late into the evening, loan payments can be delayed if the application is submitted late.

One way to prepare for sudden expenses in the future could be to open a flexi-credit account, for example, so that you have money available as soon as you need it. Be sure to compare flexi-credits before opening an account.

Quick loan: frequently asked questions

How to apply for a fast loan?

It's easy to apply for a quick loan directly online. You can fill in a loan application on the loan comparison website whenever you want. Simply submitting your loan application does not commit you to anything, you can simply look at the loan offers and opt not to take out a loan.

How quickly can I get the money in my account?

A fast loan can be paid into your account even on the same day, but within a few business days at the latest. Please note that the loan cannot be paid into your account between 23:00 and 07:00.

Who can get a loan quickly?

To get a loan quickly and easily, you must meet the requirements set by the lender. In general, you must be of legal age (in some cases the age limit for getting a loan may be 19-25 years), live in Finland permanently and have a clean credit record. You will also need domestic online banking credentials to sign the loan agreement online.

How much can I save by comparing loans?

The cost of borrowing depends on many factors. This makes it difficult to set a single figure for actual savings, but at best you can save tens of euros in borrowing costs, even for a small amount.

Where should you get fast credit?

Loan comparison makes it easy to find out which lender you can borrow from quickly and cheaply, as Loan Comparison compares loan offers based on actual annual costs.

What interest rate can I get on my loan?

The interest rate on unsecured loans is usually 4-20%. When you apply for a quick loan through our loan comparison, you can easily find out your personal interest rate.

Do I need a regular income to qualify for a loan?

Most loan providers require a regular income from the applicant. However, you can also apply for a loan without an income and see if you get any offers. You can usually get a loan decision within minutes.

What kind of loan should I choose?

Choose a loan with a loan amount that suits you and with low interest rates and charges. Also consider the duration of the loan - this has a significant impact on the interest rate and total cost of the loan.